Develop your competencies

CAS International Cooperation

Do you want to prepare yourself for a leadership position or deepen your management skills? This CAS builds a broad range of competencies required for high performance in organisations of international cooperation today.

Leading Remote Teams

Do you interact with people who work in different locations? Do you have to rely on technology to communicate with them? Do you want to reach common objectives despite the geographical distance? Our blended-learning programme helps you to overcome these challenges.

Managing Across Cultures

Do you live outside your familiar environment? Do you interact with people from different cultures? Do you manage a diverse team? Our online programme helps you to overcome these challenges.

Thematic Coaching

Do you feel challenged, confused or overwhelmed at work? Do you need a sounding board outside your organisation? Check out our Thematic Coaching.

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Are you looking for another course related to international cooperation? Check out our list of training programmes offered in Switzerland, online or abroad.